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Great product

Easy to use, worked as described

Doesn’t work

I spent my valuable time trying this app and it did not work. There is nothing that indicates that this app is scanning anything. I held my phone steady with the QR code inside the scan box. Nothing.

Say what

Was ask to rate after using only once so gave it a 3

Terrible trick

Basically tricks you into subscribing for $10 per month. Outrageous.

Trying to get a refund

Did not have a subscription. Charged 9.99 for a renewal

Very misleading subscription — scam

The initial splash screen for the app has large text saying “Start for Free”. The fact that you are signing up for a ridiculously expensive subscription ($9 a month for a QR reader app!) is buried in a tiny font at the bottom of the screen. Apple should remove this app from the App Store.

Premium version - watch out

Be careful on the premium version monthly charge. It enabled the premium version easily and accidentally.

QR code

The best and fast this is the only app I would recommend I use it daily for work and it’s always reliable.

Lying Thieving App $5 a WEEK!!!

Don’t trust this stupid app and upgrade to Premium, they will charge you $5 a WEEK. Who on earth would pay that high of a monthly fee for a QR reader? Apple will do nothing to refund you, either. Do not download this thieving load of s***.

Great cameras

I have four or these. Three outside and one inside. They are almost too sensitive. We love them

We app

I have had many other free apps of this type and downloaded this on a new phone. Used it once but an ad popped up. Will probably delete it as there are other ad free ones out there.

Predatory app

My wife got the free version and it upgraded on its own to premium and began charging $4.99 repeatedly to our account. Absolutely do not purchase.

Comes in handy

Pretty useful

Great app

Great app

Worked as expected.

Worked as expected but was not able to fully evaluate because it asked for a review after the first use. I will update later.

Bar scan


Great scanner

Easy to access and maneuver this scanner! Good job!

Sealight H4 9003

App works great, got me the info I needed

Filth. Doesn’t work, ad spammer.

Unusable. Won’t scan, constantly downloads ads, requires premium subscription to stop the barrage of ads.

Don’t download otherwise repeated charge of 4.99

Don’t download..it will start charging you 4.99 a week even when you didn’t authorise the “subscription” having difficulty refunding it. I have credit on my account so they are just debiting away. Feels like a scam to me

Keep it

Free has a monthly service fee? You people are nuts


Easy to install Easy to use Amazing!

Piece of crap

Looks like it is a scam if you want to waste your money you can install it

Car seat

Quick and easy only tried 1 times and excellent results


This app is a complete scam and ripoff! It will start charging you a $9.99 subscription fee if you’re not extremely careful! Buyer beware!!!!


Quick as a wink this app performs perfectly. Love it!!


Muy buena app. La recomiendo. A probarla!!!

Best scanner

This was really useful and saved my butt


So easy and love the option


Don’t get this app. Tricks you into subscribing for$9.99 and then novway to really cancel unless you email them through gmail and pray they respond ... literally closed my credit card so they couldn’t charge me.


I feel like I’ve been scammed your ap didn’t state it was a charger for this ap and when I canceled I assumed it was canceled till I saw a charge that I will dispute with my back unless you refund my money I canceled this subscription as soon as I downloaded it please refund my money Tena Young

Terrible company

This app usually does not work as intended, and the worse part is that you will say yes to there premium subscription without even noticing (obviously on purpose) charging you $5 a week. Stay away from this scam!


The pictures that are supposed to prove I’m not a robot are too small for me to see the detail that I am supposed to identify.


This app is very easy to use and fast.

Doesn’t work

I needed a QR reader. The purchase process on the app was a bit deceptive but I tried using it and it doesn’t even work. Trying to contact developer to cancel!

Not Free!

I found two charges from Apple for $4.99 plus tax for the premium service I did not sign up for. It looks like I’m not the only one who has experienced this after downloading this app.


A free at app that tricks you into purchasing a recurring subscription for $10 per month without any indication you are getting charged. $10 PER MONTH when there are thousands of QR apps available. Ridiculous! Beware and don’t download ANYTHING from TinyLab.

How do I cancel the 3 day trial ?!

I accidentally pressed my home button to exit out and since I have it programmed as my password it also agreed to trial and i don’t want to be charged

Unauthorized & Unable to Contact

I received a bill for premium one-month subscription for $9.99, which I did not authorize, and I cannot reach anyone for a refund.

This is super cool

I’m in 5th grade but it’s summer so soon I’ll be in 6th so at Barnes and Nobles I got a math book and it had a scanner on it I used the QR scanner and it helped me understand all the math problems thanks to the QR scanner I’ll go into 6th grade with a fresh mind thanks a lot for your time and attention bye for now!

QR Works

Has worked on all the codes I have tried so far.

Not even worth having for free

So, why would I pay? So far, not one single barcode has been in your database and now u want money! Get real


Thank you for this App it is useful.

Great app

This is the first one that has worked for me.

WARNING they automatically put you on WEEKLY subscriptions

Not only did it NOT work but the jerks call it “free” preying on the fact that not everyone scrolls all the way down to see that you will automatically be subscribed WEEKLY to the app. So I deleted the app..... because it DID NOT WORK and just found out I got charged for a weekly subscription (conveniently, deleting an app doesn’t negate automatic subscriptions) ... even though I had NO IDEA I had an automatic subscription! Hate it, don’t get it.




It’s great

Did it work?

I would love some feedback after I scan something. “You just scanned the code for ______. Now you can ____.” I don’t know if it worked.

Best scanner ever

I love this app

Review of survey

I placed my finger on the slider to rate the service people at the park, and it didn’t give me a chance to slide it — resulting in my giving the lowest rating, which was not my intention at all. Everyone was very nice and helpful. I would have given the highest rating.

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