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Good stuff


Scan Newby

The was my first time needing to scan. I chose this app because it was free. Downloaded quickly and was able to get care instructions for my new orchid.

Mister Ron

Only used once and it said code wasn’t in the data base and have been having a very hard time finding this product anyway

South-wire 21030T

Quick and accurate

I love this app

I love this app I can you it for anything anywhere school home somewhere else in the world this is one of my favorite apps for school


I got this app FREE from the APP Store. There is a red bar at the top that says " remove ads" WITH NO MENTION THAT IF YOU TAP THAT BAR YOU NOW HAVE A "Free App" that will cost you $9.99/mo. Every in purchase app I've ever used, offered an upgrade that explained everything UP FRONT! I cancelled my bogus subscription and I will dispute my first month $9.99.


excellent app easy to use.


Scanned a code and did exactly what it was supposed to, really fast. No complaints here.


Free is a nice price


Very handy!

Fast and easy

Didn't require any experience. Point and put QR in box, done.


Reads barcode easily

Good but

I give 4 star , I deducted a star for forcing portrait mode. Very inconvenient and unnecessary. Otherwise it worked ok.

Commercial interruption annoyance

I support the app

Good for nothing

Doesn’t do anything right and I tried to cancel but too bad you can’t once your money is taken.


Only used it once but very quick read of code.

Best app ever


Free Version Bad

You thin it is a free app until you try to use it and the big red “Remove Ads” is splayed across your screen irritating you to the point you click on it and find out it is $9.99 per month. I back out, the obstructive “Remove Ads” is displayed again with no ability to X this irritating banner. Then I tried my first scan and a employment add shows up and you spend time figuring out how to get out of that. I did finally get to my website, but I am deleting this program after one use.

Easy and fast!

Simple to install and worked with no problem!

Manager - Assurance

We have used this application for almost 20 years and have been very satisfied.

Quick info

I needed to acquire info from a site through their QR Scan code. This app downloaded quickly and I was able to get my info within minutes. It was convenient and fast!


It was so easy!


Great app!

Works perfectly

I was looking for a quick and painless download to get the instructions for something. The app found the page when the page wouldn’t open manually. The ads are annoying but not a deal breaker.

Work like a charm

Just point it in the right direction and it does the rest for you.

Great app

Great app, very useful!


First scan - no results Second scan - would not read bar code I didn’t try again


Having trouble navigating this site brochures show in multiple but don’t open individually

Chronically Empty Darabase

I just scanned a common box of jello and a couple other items on my kitchen counter and all items were unknown to their database. Also this app has a ton of obtrusive ads. Pass.

Great app, but too expensive for people struggling to already pay the bills

This is my first QR scanner and barcode reader and it looked as this app would work for Amazon as their app is only for Android. I will say that although it’s free to download, I was somewhat disappointed that there was a remove ads banner on the bottom of the screen, but you are charging $10 to remove the ads?? I like the set up, but I am not going to spend that kind of money to get it ad free since these are already struggling times. You could at least lower the price.


Lame as soon as I downloaded they signed me up for subscription. Canceled 👎🏼

Tricked into subscribing and no contact info

I downloaded the free version...as I was testing it out and trying to focus, what I thought was an ad popped up, as I dismissed it, it automatically subscribed me to the monthly $9.99 subscription. I immediately went in to cancel the subscription and now can not reach anyone for refund

A real piece of garbage

I don’t usually give reviews for the apps I use and don’t like but this one is the worst scanner I have used. I scanned a Pepsi bottle and got “Not in their database” I tried several other products that have been sold for decades and got the same message and what is really telling is they list online retailers where you can find the product, if it’s not in you database how do you know what it is?


Great job over there, keep it going 💪🏽💪🏽

There are adds, great other than that

There are adds, great other than that


No complaints. Does what I need it to do.

Functions well but terribly intrusive ads

This would be a nice little app if the ads weren’t so terribly intrusive — and the “remove ads” pitch is $10??! Sorry, Charlie, no can do. Luckily I have so little use for this that the few times a year I actually scan a QR code, I can withstand the used car-style pitching and go about my business.

So far so good

Work extremely well. Did some chicken and it turned out moist and tasty. Thanks for the gift. I couldn’t ask for a better friend and wife.


I'm new to this site but so far seems to help me a lot. But I guess not all of them will work so far like it.


Not yet but thank you

Works well

Handy to have, convenient to use.

Did not work.

I scanned 4 name brand, popular products, and it states that it’s not in their system 👎🏻

Simplification For Us Electronically Inept Users!

There are many occasions when we, the consumers, encounter a very dedicated employee and would like to encourage this exemplary service. When we inquire as to how we can praise the praiseworthy we are directed to a website that becomes a very tedious and circuitously frustrating ordeal, so we abandon our intentions. This app simplifies our ability to give credit to whom it is due. I Love It!

I’ve read that it works, haven’t experienced that.

It’s a good idea, and it has a good setup, but I’ve tried scanning 6 separate items so far & I’ve gotten an “Oh no, it’s not in the database” message on all of them. This app might work, but I downloaded it at toys r us for it’s going out of business thing & it failed to accomplish anything that I wanted to use it for.

Totally awesome!!


Fn great

Fn great


Great app. Works quickly

This is a scam

Stay away fro it. I was trying to check it just to see a notification telling me that I subscribe for $ 9,99 a month. What a scam. QR reader that cost $9,99 a month. It wouldn’t be funny if it was a joke. I was on the phone with Apple and made sure they see it for what it is.

Quick and easy

Love it quick scans quick results great app

Did it’s job

So far so good. Read the QR instantly and properly

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