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Watch your account

I have had this app for some time. I don’t remember ever upgrading for the pro version and on my phone I don’t show to have the pro version. But I just saw where I am being charged for it. If any one can tell me how to correct this I would appreciate it.


I downloaded this to use at the store... which disclaimer... it only works in SOME stores. But it was free... and some how I have been billed TWICE for $4.83. Why? It doesn’t work. It’s not worth the download and it charges you. Currently disputing.

Automatically charges you ONCE WEEKLY

I almost find this sort of automatic charging process morally reprehensible. The instructions to stop the automatic renewal process are only given once you contact them electronically (to complain). You must go through the I-Tunes options in your settings —> view account —> subscriptions and then select for non-automatic renewal. Huge thumbs down for abusing people for financial gain.


Make it too easy to sign up for weekly subscriptions by accident and too hard to cancel. Scammers.


Downloaded it once to use it to scan a barcode, deleted the app, and suddenly it was coming up on my bill. I was paying $3.99 per week for something I never even subscribed to. I never was notified that I was subscribed and never gave permission. Its 100% a scam, do not download this app! Also, “no refunds” should really raise a red flag!!!!!!!! Theyre charging you without your knowledge for money!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

How do I turn off this bogus subscription

I can’t find the Account Settings to turn the subscription off. I never signed up for this! Scam!

Weekly charges

The fact that there’s a subscription fee is ridiculous. The fact that they have a 3.99$ few per week is just wrong. Don’t download this app.


Automatically signed me up without an ok from a password. Had to dig deep to find out how to delete subscription or else’s I was being billed monthly. Apple should ban this type of “purchase”

Don’t make mistake. Watch out your bank account

TinyLab is thief. This app is looks like free, but they will charge 3.99$ each week. Useless app with expensive payment. How can agreed that thief apple

Warning they keep charging you Cannot get them to stop. Total rip-off

Warning they keep charging you Cannot get them to stop. Total rip-off

It’s a scam!!!! Don’t touch it!

It’s a scam!!!!

Horrendous app made to trick users

This was a terrible app and tricked users to sign up for some useless service for $3.99 per month (renewable). Sad to see developers trick people like this rather than relying on making a good app.



Rip off

I got the free version and am getting charged $5/week for pro version. The software even has the option to upgrade to premium so I definitely did not get it. They have been reported to Apple.

Fraudulent billing practices...avoid this app

This free app should be avoided at all costs, pun intended. Marketed as “free”, I did not see any mention of a subscription until I noticed apples 3.99$ monthly charge. I’m not a novice to apps. If there was any subscription mentioned I wouldn’t have downloaded it. This is fraud and Apple should stop its role in the thievery.

Charged without consent

You will be charged after one week for $3.99. You are contacted that your “free trial” is over. If I would have known it was only free for a week then I would have never downloaded it. They continue to charge $3.99 each week


I downloaded this app, used a couple of times, nothing special, it works the same as other code readers, I found out that they have charged 9 times 4.99 a week, never purchased this app or authorized to charge me that money.... I am sure it happens to a lot of people DO NOT USE THIS APP

Poor app

Doesn’t work and I’m charged for service and can’t seem to stop the charging!!

Seems scammy

I downloaded it and in the course of permissioning use of camera apparently I signed up for 3 day free trial that would then on charge me $3.99 per week for their pro version. 3 day trials and weekly subscriptions for this type of product smacks of a strategy to trick the user into unintentionally paying more. Detrimental business model to community.

Subscription Trap!!!

The "free" app tricks you into subscribing. You have to outsmart your phone to get past the tricky subscription page (at $4/week!). This kind of baloney is way too common. AVOID THIS DEVELOPER. I don't mind paying for an app. I think developers should be compensated, just be upfront and don't trick me into a bogus subscription you greedy b@$t@rd$!

Stay Away

Don't trust this vendor. I donwloaded the reader - thinking it was free (because they said it was free) - I didn't like it because it's clumsy and hard to use - only to find they were sticking me for $5 every week as an automatic renewal. Misleading and dishonest. The good news is that Apple Support got me a refund.

They are thieves

They charged me without me subscribing to the paid service. It is a highly deceptive practice. Shame on these guys and Apple for Allowing an app like this.

Sneaky charges

Like the previous review, watch your bank account, people. This app charges you weekly, and I really don’t understand why. Had the app for less than two weeks, and it’s already charged me three times. An overrated app.

Be careful!

I have never subscribed for Pro version, but they sent me a confirmation for subscription of $3.99 weekly!!!!

Do not download

Not only did it not work but I was charged $5 a week for a month without authorizing or knowing.

no thanks

i downloaded this app so i could scan the qr in my biology book to study off review cards online and a day after i downloaded it i got an email from apple. it said if i don't 'cancel my subscription' it'll charge me $3.99 so i deleted the app. it still charge me so i figured i'll just download it and keep it. today i just got another email for another purchase of this app. i've gotten charged twice for an app i dont want, can anyone help me?

Did not subscribe and they billed me!!!

This app has billed me twice last month and twice this month for 5.00 each time?? I didn’t want nor ask for that. I don’t even know how it got on my phone?? Sneaky app. I contacted them to see if they would refund and tell me how to get rid of it without continuing to be charged. Be warned and be careful all.

Tricked into paid subscription

Don't download this app! They trick you into a $10/month subscription on opening the app and it's difficult to cancel!

This App is Shady

I download this app and The function is just so so. Later the app charged 1 week subscribe for month. I couldn't refund from App Store. Be careful this shady app.

Who want to pay money for the QR code reader?

It is kind a scam. Be careful not to subscribe the “pro” version very first time to use this app.

This is a scam...cost is $4 per wk after free trial!!!

And you are automatically enrolled!!!


Asks to load Pro version every time. There are ads as well. Come on, tell these things up front!


I never subscribed to the premium version yet was charged $5 two weeks in a row!!! Very dishonest!!! Do not get this app!!!

Do not download this app

Do not download this app. I used it one time to download forms my daughter’s teacher wanted us to sign. I got charged $4.99 per week for 2 weeks before I noticed. Make sure you unsubscribe, don’t just delete the app, if like me you had the misfortune of using this.

This is NOT FREE

They give you a free option for a few days that goes to $3.99 a week after that automatically!!! This should be illegal


Pops up add all the time


Will automatically subscribe you to $5.99/weekly! Don’t even waste your time and screw Apple for allowing this to be an ad on the apps page


I did not realize this app was going to start charging $20 per month. Beware! I'm trying to get this subscription cost killed but it's not easy.


Same thing happened to me. There was no fee when i downloaded it now i get a bill with an aut renew monthly fee.

Don’t work

Do not download this app does not work and bills u for nothing shame on Apple for not removing it

Rip off

Once you download they’ll keep billing you weekly, DON’T DOWNLOAD!!!

Super Scanner!

The code scanner is a breeze for all our needs: returning Amazon packages, easy check-in to our doctor, etc. It’s a must-have App!

Code scanner

Awesome does what it say highly recommended

Deceptive App

First thing it shows when opening the app is a list of features, as you'd see whenever an app has been updated. Except that this is to trick you into purchasing the premium version, since it doesn't tell you that you're not launching the app, but rather purchasing the premium version. Once you get pass that tricky opening screen, when you scan a barcode, it takes you to an Ad. Useless piece of app!

Used to be better

Loved the app however since there’s been an update there too much ads , don’t like it so much but I still use it


Worked Great!


Hit the red button and you’ll get a weekly charge. A pain to cancel.

That bathroom was a mess you should get out of there ha

That bathroom was a mess you should get out of there ha


I meant to rate this app 5 stars but couldn’t figure out how to go back love this app ***** there is your five stars!!!

QR reader

It awesome works great!!!😃

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